PM Pediatric Care

PM Pediatric Care, a leading provider of pediatric urgent care, sought to enrich their digital platforms with a unique set of icons that would resonate with their brand’s essence.

The challenge was to create an icon library that not only adhered to their brand’s friendly and colorful aesthetic but also conveyed a handmade, approachable feel. This was crucial in ensuring the icons would effectively communicate with their primary audience—families seeking pediatric care—across both their website and video content.


To meet PM Pediatric Care’s needs, I embarked on a project to design and illustrate a bespoke icon library. The goal was to craft icons that were not only visually appealing but also embodied the warmth and approachability central to the PM Pediatric Care brand. Achieving a balance between professionalism in healthcare and a welcoming atmosphere for children and their guardians was paramount.


The process began with an in-depth analysis of PM Pediatric Care’s brand guidelines, values, and the specific applications of the icon library. Understanding the context in which these icons would be used—whether on the website, in video content, or other digital mediums—was essential for ensuring their effectiveness and versatility.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s existing visual identity, I initiated the creative process with sketches that explored various styles, shapes, and color palettes. This exploratory phase was vital in capturing the “handmade” quality that would set these icons apart, ensuring they conveyed warmth and accessibility.

After refining the concepts through feedback and iterations, the selected designs were developed into a full icon library. Each icon was crafted with attention to detail, ensuring they were not only consistent with each other but also versatile enough to be effective across different platforms and use cases. The color palette was carefully chosen to align with PM Pediatric Care’s brand, using bright, inviting colors that would appeal to both children and adults.


The final icon library was a vibrant collection of illustrations that perfectly encapsulated PM Pediatric Care’s brand ethos. By integrating these icons into their website and video content, PM Pediatric Care was able to enhance their digital presence with visuals that spoke directly to their audience’s needs and emotions. The project was met with positive feedback, affirming the icons’ role in creating a more engaging and user-friendly experience for families seeking pediatric care.

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