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I’m currently based in San Diego, California. 

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    I specialize in producing bespoke animated content for original brands and creative agencies.

    For 10+ years I've created animated content for clients like Disney Consumer Products, Sun Bum, Marvel, RedBull, Captial One, and more.

    From short social media videos to multi-video campaigns, my work finds harmony between digital and handmade techniques. Specializing in stop motion, hand drawn, lettering, and paper cutout styles.

    For every project I guide the process from initial script, concept art, storyboards, animatic, and final animation. Working with you through each phase to ensure you receive the video you envision.

    Do you understand animation production starts at $125 USD per second of final animation?

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    Creating handmade illustrations for content creators, blogs, editorial, and publishers.

    Original characters and worlds will captivate your audience.

    For every project I start the illustration process with simple black and white sketches and mockups. This way you can approve the direction the illustration(s) are headed. Working with you to ensure you receive the final illustration(s) you envision.

    Do you understand spot illustrations starts at $500 USD?

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