Buzzfeed, a leading digital media company, engaged my services to enhance their paid promotional videos with dynamic motion graphics. The project encompassed a diverse range of brands, including “The Wilds” on Amazon Prime, Lucky Charms, and Toyota.

The challenge was to create engaging lower thirds and introduction sequences that would not only captivate viewers but also seamlessly integrate with the distinct branding and messaging of each promotional campaign.


To address this multifaceted challenge, I embarked on a project to design and animate custom motion graphics tailored to the unique needs and branding of each promotional video. This involved crafting visually compelling style frames and graphic elements that would elevate the viewer’s experience, driving engagement and enhancing the promotional message of each brand.


The process began with a comprehensive analysis of each brand’s identity, target audience, and the specific goals of their promotional campaigns. This deep dive informed the creative direction for each set of motion graphics, ensuring they would resonate with viewers and effectively communicate the desired message.

For “The Wilds” on Amazon Prime, the motion graphics needed to evoke the show’s mystery and adventure themes. The introduction and lower thirds were designed to complement the show’s visual style, using elements that hinted at the series’ suspenseful and dynamic nature.

The Lucky Charms promotional videos required a different approach, one that captured the brand’s whimsical and colorful essence. The animations were crafted to reflect the magical experience of the cereal, incorporating vibrant colors and playful movements that appealed to both children and adults.

Toyota’s promotional videos demanded a handmade, school aesthetic. Think, notebooks and homework. The motion graphics reflected this with a collage-feel.


The completion of this project resulted in a suite of tailored motion graphics that significantly enhanced the impact of Buzzfeed’s paid promotional videos. Each set of animations was uniquely designed to complement the branding and promotional goals of “The Wilds” on Amazon Prime, Lucky Charms, and Toyota, resulting in increased viewer engagement and a cohesive visual experience.

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