Book of the Month

Book of the Month, a revered subscription service that delivers hand-picked books to readers each month, sought to invigorate their website with a unique video that encapsulates their mission statement.

The challenge was to design and animate a video that not only aligned with the company’s brand and values but also engaged visitors, succinctly conveying the essence of Book of the Month’s commitment to the joy of reading.


Tasked with this creative endeavor, my initial objective was to immerse myself in Book of the Month’s brand ethos. This deep dive into the company’s identity was crucial for ensuring the video’s narrative and aesthetic would seamlessly blend with their existing messaging and visual identity.


The creative journey began with a thorough exploration of Book of the Month’s values, target audience, and the overarching message they wished to communicate through the video. This foundational research informed the initial phase of sketching rough ideas, allowing for a broad exploration of concepts that could effectively tell the company’s story.

Transitioning from ideation to execution, I developed a detailed storyboard. This visual script outlined the video’s narrative arc, key frames, and transitions, serving as a crucial tool for visualizing the final product and ensuring alignment with the client’s vision. The storyboard’s approval marked a pivotal moment, transitioning from planning to production.

The animation phase brought the storyboard to life, blending hand-drawn elements with sophisticated digital animation techniques. This approach allowed for a unique, engaging aesthetic that captured the magic of reading and the personal journey each Book of the Month selection offers. Through iterative rounds of feedback and revisions, the animation was refined to perfection, ensuring every frame contributed to the story’s emotional resonance and visual appeal.


The final video was a vibrant, compelling representation of Book of the Month’s mission, striking a chord with website visitors and effectively communicating the brand’s passion for books.

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