The quintessential leader, Radnor Rabbit exudes cool and class. With effortless style both on and off the waves, he cherishes a warm cup of tea and a hearty breakfast after riding the tide.

A maestro of detail, Diego Fox shapes surfboards with precision. This perfectionist fox is also an accomplished musician. His artistry is as crisp as his waves.

With a fierce competitive streak, Tanuki Cat thrives on a shortboard. Known to chase barrels, he can sometimes come off a tad self-absorbed but always rides with passion.

Basking in sun and sand, Don Pig is a beach foodie. With a longboard in tow, he savors BBQ feasts. This nature-loving swine finds joy in life’s simple pleasures.

The life of the beach party, Pipa Parrot lives van life to the fullest. A social butterfly, she boogie boards, hitches rides, and chats endlessly. Always looking at the sunny side, she’s full of optimism and inventiveness.

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