IBM, a global leader in technology and innovation, sought to showcase the capabilities of Watson, its cutting-edge artificial intelligence system, in capturing and analyzing data from the prestigious Masters Golf Competition.

AV&C, an agency known for its expertise in digital experiences and installations, contracted me to develop this UI animation, emphasizing the need for a design that was both informative and visually engaging.

The challenge was to create a compelling UI animation for a presentation that would not only highlight Watson’s advanced AI features but also demonstrate its practical application in enhancing sports analytics.


Understanding the significance of Watson’s technology in transforming data analytics in sports, I set out to create a UI animation that would effectively communicate its innovative capabilities. The animation needed to illustrate how Watson could capture live data from the golf competition, analyze it, and present insights that could enrich the viewing experience for fans and offer valuable analytics for players and coaches.


Collaborating closely with AV&C, I gathered insights into the specific types of data Watson would analyze, such as player performance, weather conditions, and course challenges. This research informed the design of the UI, ensuring that the animation would accurately represent Watson’s analytical process and data visualization capabilities.

The creative process involved sketching initial concepts and storyboards that outlined the flow of the animation. These early drafts focused on the journey through Watson’s data collection and analysis, culminating in the final presentation.

In animating the UI elements, I prioritized clarity and visual appeal, that guided the viewer through complex data in an intuitive manner. Aligning with IBM’s branding while also making the data engaging and accessible.


The final UI animation was a key component of the presentation on Watson’s role in the Masters Golf Competition, effectively showcasing how AI can revolutionize sports analytics. The animation succeeded in demonstrating Watson’s capabilities in a clear and engaging way, capturing the attention of the audience and enhancing their understanding of AI’s potential in sports.

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