I’m Nalena, a passionate motion designer who loves bringing digital experiences to the next level with stunning, smooth, and interactive Lottie animations.

Say Goodbye to Slow Loading Animations

Traditional animations like GIFs are heavy, slow to load, and can degrade the user experience, leaving your digital projects feeling outdated and unengaging.

You need visually appealing animations but also smooth, interactive experiences across all platforms.

The challenge?

Creating animations that are both beautiful and performant without weighing down your site or app, which is where many fall short, losing potential engagement and conversions.

The Benefit of Lottie Animations

Enter Lottie animations—your secret weapon to enchanting and efficient digital experiences.

Think of them as magic spells that are light, flexible, and look fantastic everywhere. From engaging icons to playful interactions, Lottie animations are designed to work flawlessly and look crisp on any screen. They’re highly efficient, scalable, and support real-time interaction, ensuring your app and web performance soar without sacrificing quality.

Plus, with cross-platform compatibility, implementing these animations across web, iOS, Android, and more is a breeze.

Your go-to Lottie animator

I’m here to bring your creative visions to life as your dedicated Lottie animator. From illustration to animation, I’ll help you create Lottie animations that resonate with your audience.

Here’s what we can achieve together:

  • Custom Lottie character animation: Inject personality into your digital space by bringing characters to life with a range of emotions and actions.
  • Interactive Lottie moments: Create memorable “wow” moments with animations that respond delightfully to user interactions.
  • Enhancing your digital space: Elevate every touchpoint, from mesmerizing loading animations to intuitive gesture feedback, making every interaction a joy.

LottieFiles to save the day

Switching to Lottie animations means not just elevating the aesthetic of your digital platforms but also boosting their performance.

My clients have witnessed firsthand the transformation—engaging animations that load quickly and run smoothly, enhancing the user experience without a hitch. It’s a win-win scenario where stunning visuals meet unparalleled speed and usability.

Despite the bespoke creation process in Adobe After Effects, the leap to Lottie opens doors to unmatched customization and interactivity in your web and mobile applications.

I empower my clients to captivate their audiences with animations that are not only eye-catching but also highly responsive to user inputs.

Ready to get started with your Lottie animations?

Are you ready to sprinkle some Lottie animation magic onto your project?

I’m just as eager to dive in and assist. From ideation to execution, I’m with you every step of the way, crafting Lottie animations that don’t just tell your story but also touch hearts.

Got an idea brewing? Reach out! Let’s turn that vision into a vivid, animated reality that elevates your digital presence like never before.

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