Jonesea: Wetsuit Textile Patterns

I am excited to announce a pattern design collaboration with Jonesea wetsuits. 

If you haven’t heard of Jonesea, read up. Shane Jones is a very talented designer, tailor, surfer and all around chill dude creating one of a kind wetsuits for surfers who want to stand out against the crowd.

Jonesea wetsuits have been featured by world renowned fashion designer, Thom Browne, at the 2017 Spring runway show Paris. He also designed a one of a kind wetsuit for local surf legend, Skip Frye.

I have been exploring the world of surface pattern design for a while. When Shane reached out to me I was very excited to collaborate. After planning a few design variations, my pattern was sublimated onto neoprene. I later cruised by the shop to watch my suit come to life. It was truly fantastic.

It’s amazing to see a patterns and garments come to life. That’s what is so addictive about creating surface pattern. You really get a sense of a the look and feel once it hits the sunlight and surf.

Below you can check out a palm leaf pattern I designed for Jonesea, inspired by the surf and retro colors of California.

You can read more about the origins of the amazing Jonesea in this fantastic interview by Foamez.


…and my new custom spring suit. Surf time!!!