Nalena Kumar

Animator + Illustrator

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. My animation studio is currently based in San Diego, California.

Finding harmony between digital and the handmade process is where I find gratification. Understanding that every idea calls on its own medium. Constantly exploring new mediums and ways to push this in both personal and client work.

Nature, animals, and surfing are an ongoing influence in my life. Explore themes, both dark and light. Often finding a narrative in my work that hides beneath the surface.

As an animation director, I create bespoke animated content for brands and agencies. Guiding each project through from initial script and storyboard to final animated video.

BFA in Character Animation from CalArts

Select Clients
Sun Bum | Shadow Machine | Robot Chicken | Red Bull | Disney Consumer Products | Aetna | AIG | Capital One | Shilo | Yu+Co | Intel | ParkerWhite | Mode Adjust | MiresBallWeber Shandwick | Emota | Masar Johnston | CG Creative