Nalena Kumar

Illustrator and Animator

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Currently based in San Diego, California. 
Finding harmony between digital and the handmade process is where I find gratification. Understanding that every idea calls on its own medium of transport to speak. I remain conscious of exploring new mediums and ways to push this in both personal and client work.
Nature, animals, and surf culture have been an ongoing influence in my life. I like to explore themes, both dark and light. Sometimes I find a narrative in my character illustrations and sometime it’s hidden.
I often get hired to create bespoke animated content for brands and agencies. Working from initial script and storyboard to final animated video. I enjoy  collaboration and find art direction to be my favorite part of the video creation process.
I graduated from CalArts, with a BFA in Character Animation/ Film Video.

Sun Bum | Shadow Machine | Robot Chicken | Red Bull | Disney Consumer Products | Aetna | AIG | Capital One | Shilo | Yu+Co | Intel | ParkerWhite | Mode Adjust | MiresBall | Weber Shandwick | Emota | Masar Johnston | CG Creative

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