After Morocco we ventured back to Europe. The Alfama district of Lisbon would be our neighborhood the next two weeks. Alfama is famous for Fado music. Fado dates back so far into history it was inscribed by UNESCO for being one of Portugal’s oldest traditions. We rented very small apartment located in the middle of Alfama, where you can literally hear Fado every night echoing through the streets. Some people might find this annoying if they prefer dead silence while sleeping, but we opted for music. The metro station was located just down the hill which took us everywhere..

Pombaline Baixa Neighborhood, lots of tasty Asian and Pakistani restaurants in this area

A cool feature of every public park in Portugal that you might not expect, Roosters. 

Warhol works at the Berardo Collection Museum.

Old fishing village of Cascais, a short trip from Lisbon by train.

The rain finally stopped so we took a surf trip to Ericeira. Ericeira is about an hour from Lisbon. Lots of friendly board shops to a choose a board and walk down to the surf!

Pena palace in Sintra